Weird Week :o

…so, new teachers have arrived to replace us at our job.  I sit here, sipping coffee and smoking cigarettes pretty late into the night, even though I have work in the morning, and I have been feeling sleepy and tired all day today anyway – but still, I sit here.  I have a weird feeling about all of this in the pit of my stomach … I don’t know, I feel like I have never so blatantly been replaced like this before.  Both times before this has happened, the new teachers arrived on the day of my departure, not two weeks before.  This is all so weird.  I can feel my co-workers becoming jumpy and outlandishly excited because there are new teachers in the building.  I don’t know, it’s all really very bizarre.

I started practicing Japanese again … I’m already planning my next trip with my boo and mapping out how much I want to have learned until then to make our travels that much more comfortable — as if it could get any better — :)

Speaking of my boo … he’s sick – he’s so prone to get sick, maybe I should suggest he actually starts taking vitamins or something.  He’s such a beautiful man.


I’m very excited to start our new job with him — I have so many plans for us to do — I just hope our new job doesn’t depress him and beat him to the ground like this one, so he’s actually able to do things during the week :]

Can I take a moment to talk about my best friend?  Well, my other best friend, one of the ones I left behind in New York — my Andrew!  He’s really growing in popularity and becoming somewhat of a local celebrity.  His photography even got him in the newspaper — I am so unbelievably proud of him :)


He’s amazing and he’s having a good time doing something that he loves, following his passion.  I want to do the same, however — I have to find the time to do so haha!

It’s been FREEZING in Seoul all of today, I left Charlie’s house a few minutes ago and everything was frozen over with signs that it had been snowing.

I’m just going to enjoy the cold cold weather :)


Though I still have a queer uneasy feeling in my stomach … I have such a beautiful life.

(And the flowers that Charlie brought me, NEED to get photographed!)

Getting my nails done tomorrow! HAAAAAYYYY!

(P.S If you have a “Peach” hit me up @lolacapulette)



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