April ♡

My life has completely changed.  I can definitely attribute that to having moved areas, and having changed jobs :) My brother asked “are you wearing make up?” my friends said “your skin looks really healthy, what have you done?” …nothing, I’m just less stressed :]


Yesterday, my hunney took me to see the first sakuras of the season.  There are cherry blossoms almost everywhere now, and there are so much more to come.  It’s so great and I’m so excited for everything!


My darling friend let me know what they did for me.  Like a miracle of baby Jesus, I appeared in a two page spread of a popular magazine! I am so grateful, I grazed the pages of a glossy pretty magazine! Though when I modeled, I took a million photos, but I also did it part time.  This makes me feel like I actually accomplished something.


My boo picked one for me, and only for me to showed me how much he loves me.


And after a day at the museum yesterday, we went out to a delicious pizza dinner.  It was so delicious.  Yesterday was amazing!


As soon as we started working, Charlie was already very well liked, and so was given tickets to a piano concerto.  It was fun, and kinda strange, cause the pianist decided to compose her own piece, which didn’t include the actual playing of the piano, just banging on the side and the top of the piano, but, we just took it as the pianist reaching for a level of creativity that simply went over our heads, haha.


For the first time, while living in this country, I was given keys to open my door.  (I’ve always had electronic key pads and passwords to open the doors to my previous apartments).  We made sure to give Charlie a copy of my key cause, you never know with me. I’m always either forgetting to lock my door or locking myself out :/


Not everything is a dream, but I have to say, it pretty close :)



So far meals around here have been exquisite.  I really like this area a lot better :]



This is my new desk, this is what it looks like.  For the first time, I have to work without a computer.  Pretty much everything is done by hand ~ I guess I just have to get used to this new way of working :)

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 6.47.39 PM.png

This is the las photo we took at our old place … we were so happy to leave, we were counting the minutes … the seconds :]


Though over all I’m much happier here, I still miss my princesses everyday —
Everyday I wish I could sit with them, talk to them, teach them and love them.
But what can I do?  I can’t have it all, so the only thing I have all to myself now are the memories of my one perfect class. ♡IMG_1926.JPG


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