I realized yesterday I stopped writing as soon as I stopped going to school.  Well, since I’m returning this Thursday, I thought I might as well update.

It has been a pretty eventful summer.  Not necessarily a very good one.  But, not all summers are completely filled with romance and happiness.  I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I told you, it was one family tragedy after another — yet, somehow, though the situations affected me directly, I don’t feel that affected. I don’t want to write about the bad and the ugly though.  All I want to tell you is about how I finally got to see my sweetie — the love of my life.  His new home is like a dream, and we’ve created a bit of a separate universe there, where we can stay together, away from all the worries and problems from real life.


I went from one romantic dinner to another.  It was beautiful and enchanting. It was all full of love and conversation about history, antiques and wines — I was in heaven.

IMG_9668.JPG        IMG_9675.JPG

There’s two museums right down the street from Charlie’s new home.  Everything felt like living with gods in the sky and we’d throw lighting rods whenever we pleased.

We enjoyed delicious colorful cocktails regularly.  Like Pink Flamingoes and Moscow Mules.

IMG_9667.JPG     IMG_9676.JPG

We even had time to rummage though vinyls and enjoy exquisite bubble tea.

IMG_9670.JPG     IMG_9672.JPG


It was a delicious experience, and the best part of my summer.  I am so glad my Charlie moved so close to me. ♡



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